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Asan İmza (Mobile ID) is service that allows a client to use a mobile phone as a form of secure electronic ID. Like any other smart card technology based at e-signature solution (for example, e-IMZA), it can be used for accessing secure e-services and digitally signing documents, but has the advantage of not requiring a card reader. The system is based on a specialized Asan İmza (Mobile ID) SIM card, which the customer must request from the mobile phone operator. Private keys are stored on the mobile SIM card along with a small application for authentication and signing. Asan İmza (Mobile ID) is the first step toward Ubiquitous government in Azerbaijan – U-government, which can be viewed as a superset of e-government, which reflects new forms of interaction and transaction that are possible anywhere and at any time on various devices, due to the pervasive availability of networks, applications and services.


One of the main differences between customary identification documents like passports and digital identities comprised of certificates stored in an appropriate CA and private keys stored on either a smartcard (Rəqəmsal İD-kart) or a SIM-card in a mobile phone (Asan İmza or Mobile ID) is that the latter have the function of giving signatures. Saving both time and money, as you can sign electronic versions of documents without printing and shipping hard copies, it is also secure, as both the identity of the signer and the authenticity of the signature are guaranteed by respective certificates. Only a signature given with a certificate valid at the moment of signing is valid itself, which is why an appropriate service is available to verify the validity of a certificate in real time. Digital signatures can be used for confirming payments in internet banks, using services of state institutions or private enterprises online, concluding agreements with business partners, etc.—basically anything for which you have customarily written your signature as the statement of intent.


The Asan İmza (Mobile ID) is your mobile identity with which you can confirm your identity when accessing e-services and give digital signatures. The Asan İmza (Mobile ID) enables to execute all available e-activities.An Asan İmza (Mobile ID) is essentially the SIM-card of your mobile phone connected to certificates, which constitute a document equal to a physical ID-card in the electronic environment. With the Asan İmza (Mobile ID), you are able to prove your identity and digitally sign documents.


ASAN IMZA Jira Plugin is an application, which you can use to digitally sign the attachments inside the Jira issues, using ASAN IMZA mobile number and ID. ASAN IMZA service libraries are integrated into plugin to provide the functionality not only to sign the documents, but also to view the signed document information, sign multiple documents at once and even add new signatures to the documents when different people need to sign the document.

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