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ASAN IMZA Application consists of 2 parts: Jira plugin application and Asan Api application, which is running on the same server. These are the steps to install and use the Application:

  1. Sign the agreement with Asan Services provider about using ASAN IMZA services on some custom server IP address. You will obtain a new "Service Name" for ASAN IMZA, which will be used for ASAN services on that IP address
  2. Find and install the application from Atlassian Marketplace
  3. Add the license or get a free trial
  4. Install Asan Api application as a service:
    1. Download the Asan Api Installer from this URL:
    2. Install the application and run it on your system
  5. Open browser and check if "http://FILL-IN-YOUR-DOMAIN/asanApi" returns "Asan Api is running..". If not, Web Server configuration is needed(reverse proxy).
  6. Configure the plugin from Asan Configuration:
    1. Add projects, where Asan services will be active
    2. Select user groups, which will be able to use Asan services
    3. Fill in the Service name, given to you by Asan Services provider
    4. Fill in the Service url of the Asan services application, running on your server. Example: "http://localhost:8888/asanApi" without HTTPS configuration, "https://YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME/asanApi" with HTTPS configuration  

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