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Release notes version 1.0.6   

  • Improved Attachment Naming for Asan
  • Improved Signature Info

Release notes version 1.0.5   

  • Added User Group search functionality in configuration
  • Improved performance of Asan panel layout

Release notes version 1.0.4   

  • Added a service to delete the files after adding them as attachments to Jira
  • Added links to the tutorials from plugin configuration

Release notes version 1.0.3  

  • Added a Service Url form into Asan Configuration

Release notes version 1.0.2  

  • Resolved Asan Panel view error
  • Added the functionality of signature addition

Release notes version 1.0.1  

  • Digitally sign any document from Jira Issue View
  • Digitally sign multiple documents at once
  • View signed document information
  • View automatically created attachments of signed documents in Jira Issue View
  • Filter signed documents in the attachments panel  
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