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Video Tutorial


User Guide

After plugin is installed, add a license key or get a free trial. Then plugin can be configured and used. To configure the plugin, go to "manage add-ons→Asan Imza on the left side→ configuration". Choose project, where Asan Panel will be active, add it to Asan Projects, then select group permissions, which should be able to use Asan services. Finally, fill in the Asan Service name, provided by Best Solutions after signing the Asan Services agreement. 

After saving the configuration, plugin can be used. On the Issue View page, if plugin is licensed, you can notice appearance of Asan Imza Panel under the Jira attachments panel. 


All the added attachments can be viewed on that panel too. Plus, you can click on any attachment and access the Asan Imza signing page. From that page, fill in the ASAN IMZA mobile number and ID and authenticate.

Then select the appropriate certificate from the list and press sign the document.

New signed "adoc" file will be created and added to the attachments panel. This file is a secured signature file, which can not be viewed with any text editors. Using other ASAN services you can analize that signed file and add new signatures to it. 

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