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Asan Services URL is the URL of the Asan Service Api application, running on your server. It depends on the Asan Service Api configuration. By default, it should be "http://localhost:8888/asanApi". But if you have additional server configurations, like reverse proxy, then you will configure that URL and port yourself for it. You will need:

  1. Download and install the Asan Api application from that URL:
  2. Choose the port and configure the URL for that application
  3. Check if the service is running (Open browser and check if "http://FILL-IN-YOUR-DOMAIN/asanApi" returns "Asan Api is running..". By default url will be  "http://localhost:8888/asanApi") .
  4. Select Manage add-ons→ Asan Imza configuration to open Asan Imza configuration page
  5. Fill in that URL into the field "Service Url" (see the picture on the right side)
  6. Press "Save" button
  7. Currently save Service URL will be seen below "Your Service URL"

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